July 22, 2010: Further thoughts on premium features

The comments on my previous entry bring up an important detail. I can't really charge any money for the data I've collected via the Armory. At the very bottom of the Armory web page, it says, "You are granted a limited license to make personal use of the information contained herein for non-commercial purposes only."

While other AH data-collection sites charge money, they may be more free to do so as they collect their data via voluntary uploads from users collecting the data in-game via an addon. Since all my data comes right from the Armory, I have no such permission.

I suppose I could still charge for site features, such as customized watch lists or notifications, but charging for the raw data is out.

Which brings me back to the question, should I supply raw data to the public in a more useful format (XML and/or addon savedvariables) than the Armory? While I may be concerned about other sites using the data that takes me time and effort to collect, I may make the site more useful, which may encourage more donations.

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July 22, 2010, 18:06:31 J King wrote:

Allow them to export only the current `view`, i.e if they're looking at say 50 one-handed sword weapons for levels 1-9 then only allow them to export that dataset.

They can export everything but it means paging themselves and doing it.

Another option is to allow export for registered users, have a quota etc so they can't strip mine you.

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