November 27, 2010: 50 New Realms Added

The top 50 realms voted for inclusion in The Undermine Journal have been added, and should start collecting data around November 27 6:00am UTC:

Aegwynn Alliance
Aegwynn Horde
Archimonde Alliance
Archimonde Horde
Auchindoun Horde
Azshara Horde
Bleeding Hollow Alliance
Dark Iron Alliance
Darrowmere Alliance
Demon Soul Horde
Destromath Alliance
Draenor Horde
Dragonmaw Alliance
Drak'Tharon Horde
Drak'thul Horde
Dunemaul Alliance
Echo Isles Horde
Eredar Alliance
Farstriders Alliance
Fizzcrank Horde
Frostwolf Horde
Gul'dan Horde
Illidan Alliance
Kirin Tor Alliance
Lightbringer Horde
Lightninghoof Alliance
Magtheridon Alliance
Magtheridon Horde
Ner'zhul Horde
Quel'dorei Alliance
Ravencrest Horde
Rexxar Alliance
Scilla Alliance
Shadowsong Horde
Shattered Halls Horde
Sisters of Elune Alliance
Sisters of Elune Horde
Skullcrusher Horde
Spirestone Alliance
Stormrage Horde
Stormreaver Alliance
Tanaris Horde
Terenas Horde
The Forgotten Coast Horde
Thunderlord Horde
Tichondrius Alliance
Twisting Nether Alliance
Ursin Alliance
Whisperwind Horde
Ysondre Horde

Remember, you can vote for your realm once each day. Votes never expire, so vote early and often!

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November 28, 2010, 02:27:05 Nuhvok01 wrote:

So close to 100% covereage! Almost there then we can spread the word.

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