February 16, 2013: Black Market Update

We have chosen not to pursue reporting on the Black Market Auction House for PvP realms. We cannot reliably report on those realms when our characters are getting killed. If you don't like it, write to your congressman Blizzard forums and ask that the Black Market Auction House be included in the Community Platform API. Same goes for all EU realms.

Subscribers to our Market Notifications service can view past auctions on our Black Market Auction House page, found under the Great Deals section.

Items which are found on the BMAH now have their own item page, and can be searched just like any other item. If an item can be found on the BMAH, subscribers to our Market Notifications service can view current and past BMAH auctions of that item across all the realms we monitor.

If you have any market notification set on an item, you will be notified if that item appears on the BMAH. The criteria of that notification (quantity available, price to buy X, etc) don't matter for the BMAH messages. You can watch just your own realm, or make it "global" to watch all realms that we monitor (US PvE and US RPPvE), just like we can for all other items.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Black Market Auction House support and features, as always we recommend you visit our forum. Thank you.

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