October 01, 2011: Stop using proxies and anti-virus products that suck

I've been getting more reports of pages getting cut off. The pages look like they're loading fine, then just stop for no reason before the entire page is loaded.

It turns out that shoddy anti-virus programs and proxies are usually to blame. They like to examine content before it hits the browser, and they get confused, probably when the server sends the combination of gzipped content encoding and chunked transfer encoding. They'll unzip the first chunk, approve it, ship it to the browser, and when the second chunk comes along, they forget where they were in the unzip, and throw up their hands in despair. It's bullshit, because proper browsers who can handle these encodings (which speed up downloads, which speeds up response times) send the right headers and display these without a problem.

So I turned off gzip, at least until I figure out a way to sniff out these misbehaving tools and send uncompressed content only to them. The site will be slower for everyone because some people have poor software that doesn't play nice.

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October 02, 2011, 13:25:38 Zerotorescue wrote:

Could try an approach similar to Wowhead in regards to users with Javascript disabled; place a screen input blocking DIV redirecting to this post over the links which is disabled with Javascript at the bottom of the page (if that is loaded).

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